Martin Karlicek discography

Franz Liszt: Harmonies poétiques et religieuses
Martin Karlíček (piano)
Live Notes (Nami Records)
$35 (+tax)

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“We witness intimate conversation between the performer and the music.”
“It is a performance without pretense and overt decorativeness. It is personal and its naturalness lets one feel the humanity and even the body temperature of the performer.”
Record Geijyutsu Magazine - Tsutomu Nasuda

Janáček Recital
Martin Karlíček (piano)
Live Notes (Nami Records)
$25(+ tax)

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In the Piano Sonata, chords are played with crystal-like sound that creates mysteriously gloomy atmosphere and touches the heart. In "On the Overgrown Path" and "In the Mists" Karlicek depicts complicated emotional subtlety of each piece. The nature of this music is such that it can be realized only by a person who understands and feels the folk idiom.
Bravo Magazine - Haruka Kosaka

I have not had the chance of hearing a great Janacek recording for a long time so I chose this CD without hesitation. Karlicek speaks poetically about the deep sorrow that is in the Sonata, Mists, as well as in the pieces of the Overgrown Path cycle that are based on memories of the death of Janacek's daughter. The composer's inner heart is traced delicately and with exquisite expression that deeply resonates with the listener. Rich sound color palette and accurate touch is fascinating.
Chopin Magazine - Kyoko Michishita

Smooth and dignified delicate piano sound is the charm here. The CD abounds with great contrasts and beautiful clear melody.
Masamitsu Fukuda

Recommended Recording
The excellent recording of Martin Karlicek draws out delicate emotions and folk poetic sentiments that the composer wrote in.
Yomiuri Newspaper - Akira Nishimura (composer), Yuji Numano (Critique) and Kazunobu Yasuda (Critique)

The expression contrast between light and dark is great. Karlicek lets us hear heaviness, sadness and dynamic structure of the Sonata. His touch that makes the piano sound fully is fascinating. In the "Overgrown Path" I can hear that he puts a thought into every note.
Ongaku Gendai Magazine – Hiroshi Yokoshima

Special recommendation
Janacek's piano works do not demand virtuosic technique but in a way they are difficult because of that. I think that one should have a special talent to enjoy and express their meaning truthfully. ...Karlicek has got the ability and I would say that he is very appropriate pianist for Janacek. When it is played like this, Janacek's unique poetry is expressed.
Record Geijyutsu Magazine - Jiro Hamada

The program on the Cd has a nice structure; it covers the composer's main piano works and finishes with "Recollection" and "Christ was born". In the Sonata, one can listen to its sad song. Karlicek's soft touch is wonderful for soft places and for the reverberation of rests in "Death". The climax of emotion is also natural and truthful. In "Overgrown Path", he is sophisticated as well as tastefully rustic in the way of simple singing.
...As a whole, there is warmth of human skin and at the same time there is sophistication. Expression of the performance is delicate. In "In the Mists", even though each piece is rich in varied pathos, beneath it all there is inner calm and consolation. It's the album that could be the standard for a new era.
Record Geijyutsu Magazine - Tsutomu Nasuda

Duo Ventapane Plays Czech & Japanese Music.
Mana Shiraishi (violin), Martin Karlíček (piano)
Live Notes (Nami Records)
$25(+ tax)

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"Excellent recording" While violin strikes clear and persuasive tones, the CD is recorded in natural and supple sound... it is a recording that one can rarely find...
Record Geijutsu Magazine - Kazuto Kanzaki

It is impressive that each piece is performed with expression full of confidence... sung freely with long sustained phrasing that has the power of bringing ecstasy to the listener.
Ongaku Gendai Magazine - Hiroshi Yokoshima

Ms. Shiraishi captures one's ears with transparent sounds... at the same time fascinates with rich and mellow colors. Mr. Karlíček expresses fully musical compositions from his homeland... grasps delicately unique atmosphere of Japanese works...
Bravo Magazine - Kazuto Sasada

Andrew Y. Svoboda Complete Works for Solo Piano &
Piano and Cello

Martin Karlíček (piano), Dominic Painchaud (cello)
$15(+ tax)

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